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You may even have the best product idea in the world, but without quality on page SEO and off page SEO; the sales of your product or service may be a complete flop!

On the other hand, you can have a brilliant idea that may not be as good as your competitors', but with the right tools and strategies at hand, you will definitely outsell all your competitors and watch them grit their teeth with pains!

One of the most vital aspect of productive Internet marketing can be achieve through generating Real traffic

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Let me say congratulation for being among the few lucky people that will benefit immensely from this Never-Revealed Quality Traffic Secret. Today is indeed your lucky day as i have decided to share this HUGE secret with the first 50people and if you are still seeing this page you may be among! But, before I reveal the honey pot, we need to fully understand the most productive techniques of Backlinks that is only tapped by the Big Guys.

Quality Effects of Backlinks

Having several links pointing back to your website is the single most important task you should engage in once you have your website created and running, this action is what we call Backlinking. The popularity of your website (driven by several search engines especially Google and Bing) is highly determined and measure, by the quality and quantity of the links pointing back to your website. Your website is seen like an uncharted island without Backlink, lost among countless other websites in your niche, and totally lost in a vast ocean (Internet).

Backlink is indeed one of the Free and highly legitimate ways to direct more visitors to your website. You cannot completely ignore the importance of backlink because it will increase your website ranking in search engine and generate real visitors to your website! This is definitely what the Chinese proverb mean by saying “we use one stone to kill two birds"!

The Power of Profile and Edu backlinks Techniques

Since we now know that Backlinks are links to your website that will help your search engine rankings. However, Profile and EDU BACKLINKS are the two most powerful backlinks that has proven to produced excellent results over the years, and it’s high time you begin to explore the opportunities that this powerful techniques can bring to your business

This Really Shows How Important Quality Backlinks For Google’s SERP Ranking

Profile backlinks:- These are specific type of backlinks that are created on profiles that you create in different forums. Profile backlink is a key to the process of efficient link building. It is an agreed fact among SEO gurus who build backlinks for various Top Companies that the best way to do this is through High profile backlinks.


Edu backlinks :- These are links from educational websites, that direct readers back to your own web page. You should try to understand and do everything possible on how to get edu backlinks, because this powerful tool will astronomically improve your website's ranking on Google and other search engines. The reason you need EDU backlinks is to enlist promotion of your products and website on highly ranked educational pages. Edu backlinks is one of the most valuable Resources available on the internet.


How about a software to get this done for you


Presenting you High Authority Profile & Edu Submitter Software


  • Auto Creates E-mail Account & Using them for Account Creation

    Create an Email account for you & using it for registration

  • Auto-Verify Emails

    Our Software has built in verify feature that verify emails

  • Auto-Login & Posting

    It will auto-login & posting after creating the accounts

  • Multi-threaded Campaign Mode

    Save Links and Submission as Per Campaign Mode

  • Proxy Support

    Our Software is proxy compatible,it supports proxies,so you will stay under the radar.

  • Auto-Captcha Option

    You can solve the Text Captcha & The New Google Re-captcha(Iam not a robot) with 3rd party integrated captcha services

  • Give you the Live Links after submission

    Give the Live Links after the submission is complete

  • Spyntax & Indexer Integrated

    The Software supports The Best Spinner and We have integrated 3rd party indexing services of the Linklicous & Backlinksindexer

We've Jam Packed Everything Into This Software, So You Can Succeed With Ease...


  • Module 1 - Email Account Creation

    Create an Email Account & Using it for registration

  • Module 2 - Create Accounts

    Create Account in sites & Auto-Verify Email

  • Module 3 - Submission

    Submit your link to the sites

  • Module 4 - Indexer

    Quickly index the Live Links with 3rd Party Indexing Service Linklicious & Backlinksindexer & Live Links appears on this tab when submission done.

  • Module 5 - Settings

    In setting tab,you can enter your proxies & The Best Spinner Email and API is required to spin the Title & Description

  • Module 6 - ReCaptcha Settings

    Solves the New Google Recaptcha(Iam not a Robot) Using Third Party Captcha Services(2Captcha)

List of Sites Supported Right Now

  • 1)
  • 2)
  • 3)
  • 4)
  • 5)
  • 6)
  • 7)
  • 8)
  • 9)
  • 10)
  • 11)
  • 12)
  • 13)
  • 14)
  • 15)
  • 16)
  • 17)
  • 18)
  • 19)
  • 20)
  • 21)
  • 22)
  • 23)
  • 24)
  • 25)
  • 26)
  • 27)
  • 28)
  • 29)
  • 30)
  • 31)
  • 32)
  • 33)
  • 34)
  • 35)
  • 36)
  • 37)
  • 38)
  • 39)
  • 40)
  • 41)
  • 42)
  • 43)
  • 44)
  • 45)
  • 46)
  • 47)
  • 48)
  • 49)
  • 50)
  • 51)
  • 52)
  • 53)
  • 54)
  • 55)
  • 56)
  • 57)
  • 58)
  • 59)
  • 60)
  • 61)
  • 62)
  • 63)
  • 64)
  • 65)
  • 66)
  • 67)
  • 68)
  • 69)
  • 70)

For Security Reasons We dont disclose the EDU Backlink list,But It was supported 55 EDU Backlinks.In coming updates,we add more sites.


Full 100% Money Back Guarantee...

  • Auto Profile Suite
  • Auto EDU Suite
  • 1 PC License
  • Skype Support
  • Email Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Auto Profile Suite
  • Auto EDU Suite
  • 5 PC License
  • Skype Support
  • Email Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee


What are the Minimum PC Requirements?

Windows Vista & Later Versions

Minimum 2 GB RAM (4GB Recommended)

.Net 4.5 Installed

Visual C++ 2015 Installed

Flash Installed

What Else do I Required?

2Captcha is Required

Can this software run on VPS?

Yes,But atleast 4GB RAM is required to run it on VPS

Is this Software a Monthly Payment One?

No,Its a One-time Purchase With Lifetime Updates

I Have Questions,How do i Contact You?

Please add me on Skype : sunny94951


Send an Email to :

Do You Offer Bulk Package?

Yes,We Do,Check Out Here